Produktion der bekannten "Flex-Pall" Federn und Bestandteile für Landwirtschaftsmaschinen zur Bebauung des Bodens.

Wir sind imstande, eine große Produktpalette von Komponenten zu liefern. Auf Nachfrage produzieren wir auch Spezialteile.

Neueste Nachrichten

Bianchi srl

Due to the situation in our region, the company is closed to preserve the safety of the workers, the customers, the suppliers and all their families. The Prime Ministerial Decree dated March 21st 2020 has established the total shut down of non essential production activities from March 23rd to April 13th. In compliance with this decree, our factory will be closed from 30/03/2020 to 13/04/2020 included. If there will be no other news the company will re-open on 14/04/2020.