Bianchi srl presents itself as a supplier of considerable reliability, able to offer high quality products in short time. The large investments made for the optimization of the lines contribute to the continuous increase of the production processes, granting a remarkable quality thanks to the fully automatic production and the organizational flexibility required to answer to the urgencies of the customers. Several high-tech production lines, designed by the internal technical department, enable to reach a constantly increasing production capacity of millions of pieces produced every year.

The accurate standard procedures allow a constant quality control. Each incoming steel supply is certified and it is checked by the technicians to select high quality raw materials with the aim of obtaining the most suitable heat treatment. Controls on hardness and dimensional correctness are performed during all the production. Spot fatigue tests are regularly done, in the full respect of the ISO standards. The technical department offers to the customers its experience and sophisticated software for the design and FEM analysis of the studied pieces.

Flex-pall tines undergo a shot peening treatment during which they are hit by millions of small steel spheres with the following advantages: removal of the calamine from the pieces, hardening of the surface, better resistance to fatigue and wear.
All the models are shot peened and painted, by immersion with water paint or by powder painting and polymerized in furnace, to always satisfy the customer expectations.